THE ERIE DIGGER “Electramatic” Available soon


From the early 1930s through the 1970s coin-operated games like this one were widely popular all across the U.S. in penny arcades, but also common in casinos, taverns, night clubs, retail store vestibules, and especially at fairs and celebrations.  Traveling carnivals almost always featured a mini-arcade of these crane digger games.

“This is a wonderful example of The Erie Digger “Electramatic” model, circa. Mid-1930s.  It is offered as a unique addition to enhance your home game-room or collection as a perfect companion piece to your Pinball, jukebox, slot machine, pool table, popcorn maker, video games, etc.

The digger displays and plays wonderfully! It  looks great loaded with Holiday gifts, toys, novelties, and candies – and is a big hit with adults and children alike.

The mechanical/electrical mechanism of this Erie ‘Electramatic’ is virtually new, having a new motor, switches, wiring, chains, and parts. Being a product of the Vintage Amusements restoration studio it is guaranteed for life 100% for parts and labor.

It is meticulously finished in fresh Durbin Red enamel with birch trim and polished and plated metal work  It is a unique model which has the desirable “Skill Knob” feature: Twist the dial to position the claw In-and-Out, while the larger turning handle locates the claw position Left-to-Right.  These combined positioning controls result in much more player control and satisfaction than the more common Erie Diggers.

The coin slide is a push-slide, 25c for one quarter play.

The merchandise shown in some images is meant to demonstrate how these diggers looked with the window dressed as per the 1930s-70s and is not included with the price, but is available.

Shipping will be by a premium motor freight carrier in a special shipping crate for safe delivery.  A tracking number and tracking link will be provided by email along with an instruction sheet for unpacking and set-up of the digger.

The low flat-rate shipping cost is $145. for delivery to a location in your area for customer pick-up (send me your zip code for exact address).  Add $75. for delivery to any specific address.


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