THE ERIE DIGGER, Electramatic model, Serial #623, 5c play



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If you have ever considered an old style carnival digger game for your collection, game room, office, or retail location then this one is a perfect choice for low investment. It is the best looking and most dependable you will ever find at such a low price from a reputable seller.

The restored cabinet is almost 80 years old and the mechanical/electrical mechanism is virtually new, having a new motor, switches, wiring, chains, and parts. It is guaranteed for life 100% for parts and labor.  The digger displays and plays wonderfully.

The ‘Electramatic’ has the desirable “Skill Button” feature: Twist the button to position the claw In-and-Out, push the button to drop and return. The larger crank handle locates the claw position Left-to-Right.  These combined controls result in much more player satisfaction than the standard Erie Digger or Tonka Digger.

Please review the pictures and ask questions. The merchandise in some images is to demonstrate how the digger can look when dressed as per the 1940s-70s and is not included with the low price, but is available.

The following items ARE included:

A replica shipping crate that can be used as a display stand.

An historical booklet about the 100 years of digger games in America

An advance instructions sheet for unpacking and setting-up the digger.

Flat Rate shipping to a business address at $145.  (Terminal pick-up or Residential delivery require additional charge.)

Upgrade to 25c coin entry at cost of coin slide only. (If wanted for commercial use.)