BLUE STREAK by Exhibit Supply Co., circa. 1935



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The “Blue Streak” model digger is a quite unusual piece in several ways. It was manufactured by the Exhibit Supply Co. in the mid to late 1930s as a fancy edition with a six-sided cabinet for arcade operators to place at the end of a line of other machines as something special. It was nicknamed the “End of line” model by people in the business back then. These machine were well built and stayed in service and popularity for many years. However, not many come available to collectors nowadays and even then the distinctive blue-ray mirror is often missing. So this one is a fine example of that popular, but limited edition, crane digger.

This one is owned by one of my customers. He loves diggers and has a formidable collection including several of my restorations. The digger is for sale now because he had two almost identical diggers and is running out of display space in his home.

He wanted to be sure he was offering something of top value and brought it to me for inspection and refreshing as needed, both mechanical and cosmetic. I have done the work necessary to be sure that he and I can both vouch for the machine without hesitation or apology. I guarantee that it works like a charm every game – and, I believe it will do so in a home environment for years to come. Additionally, it is sure to appreciate over those same years and someday sell for more than the current market price.

It is located at my Vintage Amusements studio and I will be glad to arrange shipping for you by a specialized carrier which will pick-up and deliver the digger to your address blanket wrapped and fully insured. I will handle the pick-up here and send instructions about unpacking and setting up the machine after arrival. If you decide to give this digger your consideration I can obtain a shipping quote for you and provide more details about transportation.

If you have further interest after viewing the images I will be glad to answer questions and provide contact information for the owner. I am not a broker and am not charging anything for facilitating this offering. I am happy to showcase this outstanding piece for my customer.