Acquiring a Restored Digger   

I am “retired”. The work that I do in my Studio/shop is primarily for my own pleasure and to satisfy a creative urge. I do not request deposits, or do restorations “to-order”, or take-on commissioned work. I work from the inventory of my own collection, and from old parts which I add when they can be found.

I enjoy contact with other collectors who consider antique coin-operated items to be Industrial Art, and who admire the style, history, and investment potential of the digger game category. My correspondents are the eventual buyers of my completed restorations. For more detailed information and facts book of ra online casino spielen.

When a work is finished and ready to offer I send images and information to a short list of collectors who have been recently in touch with me regarding a purchase.

After a purchase I handle all of the arrangements for shipping and I build special custom crating for each different digger.

I always give a money-back guarantee of satisfaction. If a purchase fails to meet expectations in any way it may be put back on the truck and returned for a full refund of the purchase price. Prices for each piece is usually at the high-end of the current market, and justified by meticulous quality and detail.

Acquiring an item from my studio will be worth the extra effort. You will own restoration art that can be proudly displayed, and also confidently held as a secure tangible investment.

James Roller